Understanding Disinformation: From History to Today

Disinformation has always played a role in conflict - and sometimes in peacetime too. With the Russia-Ukraine conflict dominating the news cycle, ERI will revisit it's popular one hour disinformation training - updated to discuss both the history of disinformation, its global reach and how all of that plays into the problems we have today […]


Learning about Leadership with Scott Olson

When does leadership begin? How does leading happen? What are the catalysts that drive you to step beyond being an individual contributor to adopt the behaviors of a leader? Former FBI Special Agent Scott Olson, author of Can. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity and founder of Glen […]


Leadership Training: First Transition Promotion

Designed with new and emerging leaders in mind, this ten-week course explores how to successfully transition from team member to team leader. You’ll learn your value as a leader is not in what you do but in how your behaviors driver others on your team to accomplish more than you can on your own. You’ll […]


East Asia Geostrategic Risks

Join Director of Analysis Kieran O’Leary as he reviews key economic and political trends driving increased risks for businesses operating in East Asia and Southeast Asia, including: China’s rise and its challenges How ASEAN nations are trying to develop as supply chain hubs Tensions in the South China Sea Regional terrorism and insurgencies And the […]


Geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa

ERI's Middle East and North Africa analysts, led by Client Relations Director Iman Elbanna, will discuss the key economic and political trends posing heightened risks for businesses operating in the region, to include energy security, human rights and reputation risk, and tensions surrounding relations with both Iran and Israel. This webinar is free for existing […]


Improving Your Tactical Analytic Writing

An increasing number of organizations rely on intelligence analysts to efficiently communicate tactical analysis to mitigate risks to personnel, facilities and operations. Come join ERI's Director of Analysis and Director of Training as they discuss best practices to ensure you are nailing the delivery and adding value by focusing your analysis on the impacts to […]


Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing – Virtual

The pandemic changed almost everything. But one thing it didn’t change, is the need for private sector intelligence analysis. In fact, it deepened it. Still, there are very few courses that specifically address intelligence analysis, tradecraft, and writing for the business environment.  As intelligence professionals who have worked in government intelligence and industries diverse as […]


Using Visuals to Tell the Story


Join ERI's Client Relations team Huw Longmore and Iman Elbanna as they discuss best practices for using data-driven visuals to engage your readers and improve your analysis. They'll chat with ERI's lead Europe and South and Central Asia analyst Pearl D'Souza about ways to use maps, charts, graphs and graphics to add context and make […]


Whole-Mind Foresight: Re-integrating Intuitive and Analytical Thinking for Strategic Future Preparedness


Attention intelligence analysts and team leads – tap into intuitive insights and boost under-used thinking skills in a new course led by former head of CIA's Directorate of Intelligence Carmen Medina and precognition expert Julia Mossbridge, PhD. The cutting-edge training draws from recent science on intuition to improve strategies for navigating the future. Meets for […]


Advanced Corporate Intelligence Analysis and Tradecraft

Designed for experienced private sector intelligence analysts who have already taken our Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing introduction course or for those with extensive private sector experience, this course is suitable for analysts seeking to deepen their analysis skills and to exercise greater editorial control. Our five-week virtual training program explores writing and briefing for […]


Data and Visualization for Intelligence Analysts

This is a three-part training designed for intelligence analysts to help them learn more about using data effectively. This training will equip analysts with the tools and knowledge to expand their use of data and visualizations to be more effective and deeper – helping them bridge the gap between their analysis and their busy readers […]


Regional Overview: European Security Challenges this Winter

Join ERI's Europe analysts Pearl D'Souza and Klaudio Llusku as they discuss the security challenges they are watching as Europe heads into the winter amid the continuing conflict in Ukraine and resulting energy shortfalls and food inflation. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.


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