Our work is always tailored to your needs. We bring our experience communicating geopolitical business risk to Executive Leadership and Boards to ensure the quality of our analysis will satisfy business leadership – all the way to the top.

We work with the highest level of private and public sector intelligence subject matter expertise to match the exact needs of our clients. Our work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Executive briefings
  • Long-term strategic business, political and security analysis
  • Assessment and monitoring for geopolitical, regulatory, reputation, and security risk
  • Predictive geopolitical risk assessment and mitigation strategy
  • Bespoke country and sector specific risk analysis for new market entry
  • Political and social stakeholder analysis, planning and strategy

Our consulting solutions help organizations create world-class in-house risk intelligence and analysis programs. Through our work, we assist groups in transforming their role from a tactically driven “consult when necessary” support function to an intelligence driven “necessary to consult” strategic business function. Like our training and analysis, our consulting solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your organization and designed to position your team as thought leaders on intelligence.

  • We design, evaluate, and develop intelligence programs from the ground up. This includes everything from program creation and evaluation, to product design, and analyst recruiting and training.
  • We audit, evaluate, and advise on current intelligence programs. Through this process we build integrated intelligence and technology solutions that increase strategic value to the business, better integrate the function with the value chain, and raise visibility of the organization.
  • Tailored solutions: Simply, we help you with what you need help with. Whether its developing a proposal to start an in-house program, building out a budget, designing a product line, determining a timeline for expanding your intelligence program, or coaching analysts on business writing – we can help.

Outside analysis provides valuable perspective and fills critical gaps. At the same time, the most valuable analysis will come from well-trained professionals with an inside view of your organization. Through our consulting and training initiatives, we help your team get there.

  • We provide in-house and outside group training designed by experienced corporate intelligence professionals – for corporate intelligence professionals.
  • Our integrated and interactive trainings are designed to enhance the intelligence mission, build effective networks, identify opportunity in risk, improve writing, and strengthen internal customer relationships. At the same time, we integrate cost-neutral technological solutions that leverage cutting edge data mining and visualization tools.

Our Trainers

Our trainers have government and business backgrounds; they have worked for federal intelligence agencies, think tanks and in corporations building in-house intelligence programs. They have worked in industries across the private sector including energy, consumer products, agriculture, and aviation. Our team has developed analytic tools and methodology that addresses the unique challenges of intelligence in business – helping our trainees become more effective and efficient intelligence professionals.

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