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Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing in Dallas, TX

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Great power conflict, trade wars, data theft on a massive scale, terrorism and online threats… From reputation to impacts on operations and assets to personnel security, all of these recent developments have had implications for companies and business.  For this reason and others, intelligence analysts are in demand in companies across the globe.  There are very few courses, however, that specifically address intelligence analysis, tradecraft, and writing for the business environment.  As intelligence professionals who have worked in government intelligence and industries diverse as oil and gas, airlines, agriculture and consumer products, we believe that success in private sector intelligence is built on approaching the discipline from a business perspective – not just applying government intelligence techniques to this entirely different environment.   That is why we created this dynamic training and interactive writing workshop.

Hosted at our Dallas offices, this training is appropriate for intelligence professionals new to the corporate environment as well as mid-career corporate analysts.  Topics covered will include:

  • Intel techniques for the corporate environment
  • Analysis and corporate counter intelligence
  • Supporting the value chain through intel requirements
  • Building a source network
  • Enabling business through intelligence analysis
  • Deep dive internet research, social media, and data visualization techniques
  • Marketing your intel function and demonstrating value
  • Interactive writing workshop

Participants will receive two full days of instruction, course materials, certificate on completion, and a month of ERI’s analysis subscription as part of the program.

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