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20 February 2022

You can now download the entire 76 page Strategic Intelligence Estimate for 2022 at this link. The report covers big picture strategic issues of importance to our clients across the globe including geopolitics, the environment, food security, data, IT security regulations, organized crime, extremism and more… Have a look inside and see what’s been on our minds…


“The focus of the annual SIE is nearly always about how external global events will impact the company, government or organization it is written for in the coming years. While this is an important point of view, this limited perspective focuses too much on that entity as a passive player in global events, when it is anything but. In fact, our clients, companies and multilateral organizations, have broad influence on global events. Their actions, products, technologies and growth contribute to global challenges, as well as being a major part of solutions to these problems. Consider the race to find a vaccine for COVID-19. This, and the speed at which it was accomplished, was an impossible feat without private sector involvement, offering a shining example of what can be accomplished when interdependent groups – public and private – collaborate. Then, look at the roles traditional and social media have played in
fomenting global change, both their positive contributions and downsides. This year, we encouraged our analysts to think about the role of business and business decision-makers in global events. While we have still taken in how the world is changing and how it will affect business, we have also focused on the impact of business on the world around it. At the heart of this is a look at global complexity and the power of global business to affect outcomes, both good and bad, and what is at stake in an era of rapid global change and near constant uncertainty…”

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