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Training Programs

Training Programs

Corporate intelligence is its own animal, requiring a skill set distinct from public sector analysis. Our trainers have government and business backgrounds; they have worked for federal intelligence agencies and think tanks, as well as in corporations building in-house intelligence programs. They have worked in industries across the private sector including energy, consumer products, agriculture, and aviation.

Our team has developed analytic tools and methodology that addresses the unique challenges of intelligence in business – helping our trainees become more effective and efficient intelligence professionals. Our in-house and outside group trainings enhance your intelligence mission, build effective networks, identify opportunity in risk, improve writing, and strengthen internal customer relationships.

We can talk about a customized training for your team, or you can register for one of our upcoming programs below.

Training and Webinars

Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing

Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing

As intelligence professionals who have worked in government intelligence and industries diverse as oil and gas, airlines, agriculture, banking consumer products and technology providers, we believe that success in private sector intelligence is built on approaching the discipline from a business perspective – not just applying government intelligence techniques to this distinct and unique environment. That is why we created this dynamic training and interactive five-week workshop.

The two-hour weekly virtual training modules include: 
  • Intelligence techniques for the corporate environment 
  • Supporting the value chain through intel requirements 
  • Identifying quality sources and using best practices 
  • Building a source network 
  • Enabling business through intelligence analysis 
  • Understanding the business beyond security 
  • Writing for business 
  • Analytic tradecraft and techniques 
  • Marketing your intelligence function and demonstrating value 
  • Using data and building infographics 
Advanced Corporate Intelligence Analysis 

Advanced Corporate Intelligence Analysis 

Designed for experienced private sector intelligence analysts who have already taken our Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing introduction course or for those with extensive private sector experience, this course enables analysts to deepen their analysis skills, improve their briefing and editing skills, and build team capacity. 

The two-hour weekly virtual training program explores the following topics over five weeks: 
  • Writing and briefing for the C-suite 
  • Applying structured analytic techniques to consider second- and third-order impacts 
  • Understanding corporate risks beyond life safety, to include reputation and regulation  
  • Impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends 
  • Recognizing disinformation, misinformation and fake news 
  • Ethics in the field of private sector intelligence 
  • Editing to enable team development 
  • Skills for successfully managing the transition from analyst to manager 
Master Class Series: Using Intelligence to Build Business Resilience

Master Class Series: Using Intelligence to Build Business Resilience

The Master Class is a series of three virtual three-hour intelligence courses for business professionals and executives seeking to improve business resilience through a deeper understanding of the value of strategic intelligence in business operations. Each class includes tabletop exercises and scenarios. These will enable participants to build strategies for intelligence monitoring that can illuminate risk before it disrupts operations.

These courses will be equally beneficial for individuals in Crisis Management, Supply Chain, Global Security, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Continuity. Frontline business functions, such as operations particularly in strategic sectors like technology, agriculture, extractives, construction and manufacturing can also benefit from this course.

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Data & Visualization Training 

Data & Visualization Training 

Geared toward Emergent Risk Situation RoomTM users, this three-module virtual training addresses how data underscores and enhances corporate intelligence analysis and how to create visuals and infographics to engage and inform your audience.

During the three, one-hour sessions, participants will explore: 
  • Understanding the utility of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Identifying bias within data 
  • Using data to add context 
  • Appreciating your audience within today’s information economy 
  • Building and modifying visuals and infographics 
  • Layering data 
  • Types of visualizations to efficiently inform and engage your audience 
  • Mapping 

Bespoke Offerings 

In addition to our regularly scheduled training, ERI offers bespoke training opportunities, both virtual and hybrid, where we can better cater our training to fulfill your individual or your team’s needs. 

Monthly Webinar Series

Join ERI’s internal team at our monthly training series as we discuss a wide range of topics, including regional assessments, better writing practices and tips on improving your analytical work. ERI also invites industry experts to share their knowledge on topics ranging from leadership to whole-mind foresight.

Let’s talk about a tailored training opportunity.


I was particularly impressed with how up-to-date and tailored to the company everything was. The training felt professional and was the right mix between serious and laid-back. The amount of interactivity also felt well-balanced. Nicely done!
Security intelligence analyst – Fortune 50 Tech Company

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