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The Washington Post

Stocks drive higher, brushing aside worries about U.S. stability

Even before the attack on Congress, Wilson said she had anticipated rising extremism on both ends of the political spectrum. Now, the combination of the runaway pandemic, which has left many people angry and isolated, and a belief among Trump supporters that the election was stolen has intensified the danger of domestic radicalization.

“We are in for a period of turmoil akin to the late ’90s. It does look pretty scary,” she said, alluding to events such as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
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Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence

Meredith Wilson honored with inaugural Protective Intelligence Honors Pioneers Award

“Those selected as inaugural Protective Intelligence Honors ‘Pioneers’ are among the most extraordinary industry leaders who have had a lasting impact on the security world as we know it,” said Fred Burton, Executive Director of the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence. “Meredith Wilson’s intense focus and innovation around mitigating geopolitical risk is invaluable as we continue to navigate an evolving threat landscape. We are proud to recognize her leadership, passion and dedication to exceptional service with this honor.”

Security Magazine

Why physical security is the business of many

“Know your comfort zone, and then avoid it like the plague,” said Meredith Wilson, Founder and CEO of Emergent Risk International, LLC. These words stuck with me when I spoke with Meredith, a protective intelligence pioneer. Meredith has over 20 years of experience in international environments, the energy sector, Fortune 500 corporations and the US intelligence community.”
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How companies can avoid getting burned when taking on hot button issues

“The truth is, big businesses can move the needle when necessary, so there’s both precedent and sometimes good reason to get involved,” says Meredith Wilson, CEO and founder of Emergent Risk International, a Dallas-based risk and intelligence advisory firm. “Sometimes, when people feel their government has failed them, they push harder on the influencers – the ones who keep the economy running – and use it as a lever on what they perceive to be unresponsive governments.”

The Straits Times

Trump, sensing national mood, tests gun control

…The Blackstone Group, a Wall Street investment firm, sent an e-mail over the weekend to fund managers, asking them whether they had any stakes in gun manufacturers. It was not alone in checking its investment portfolio.

“Corporations are very much in tune with what customers want, and with the political trade winds,” said CEO Meredith Wilson of the Dallas-based Emergent Risk International. “My guess is they (companies) feel they must get ahead of this.”…
 Data On-Demand

Global risk and uncertainty translated into opportunity

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