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The Emergent Risk Situation Room

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Create data-driven analysis that informs, influences and builds competitive advantage.

Risk can be an opportunity or an obstacle for business.  Which will it be?  The answer lies in a thorough understanding of the market, the players, the business climate, followed by an accurate analysis of the risks your organization will face. Only then can you arm decision makers with the intelligence required to gain competitive advantage and seize success.

The Emergent Risk Situation Room™ is an online work environment designed by veteran government and business risk and intelligence analysts – for intelligence analysts. It combines ERI’s expert analysis with hundreds of curated datasets, our suite of data visualization tools built by the data revolutionaries at Knoema and much more. The Situation Room provides focused risk intelligence and simple-to-use tools that allow analysts to communicate with clarity, accuracy and speed. It also allows intelligence teams to cover a broader range of reporting in less time.

Empowered by the Situation Room’s analysis, visualization tools and data resources, your intelligence team will create more value and have more positive impact on your organization.

  • Access ERI’s exclusive, expert intelligence analysis

  • Use data-layered maps to identify assets, track incidents and evaluate new prospective ventures.

  • Explore hundreds of datasets specifically relevant to business, political and security risk analysts

  • Monitor world events, access hundreds of outside sources, and more

  • Upload your own data, visualize and communicate using our suite of live data visualization and analysis tools

  • Monitor live news feeds, access hundreds of external information sources, and more

The Emergent Risk Situation Room

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