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CLEVELAND, September 15, 2022 (Newswire.com) – Evergreen Podcasts, an emerging growth podcast production and distribution company, and Emergent Risk International, a Dallas-based risk advisory firm, are proud to announce a new podcast, Disinformation, a deep dive into one of the most important issues of our time. It will be hosted by veteran Washington journalist Paul Brandus. The show launches Thursday, September 15th. “Disinformation plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives today, undermining trust in institutions and accelerating conflict,”...

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East Asia Geostrategic Risks

Join Director of Analysis Kieran O’Leary as he reviews key economic and political trends driving increased risks for businesses operating in East Asia and Southeast Asia, including: China’s rise and its challenges How ASEAN nations are trying to develop as supply chain hubs Tensions in the South China Sea Regional terrorism and insurgencies And the role of the US, India, Australia and others in the region. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.

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Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing – Virtual

The pandemic changed almost everything. But one thing it didn’t change, is the need for private sector intelligence analysis. In fact, it deepened it. Still, there are very few courses that specifically address intelligence analysis, tradecraft, and writing for the business environment.  As intelligence professionals who have worked in government intelligence and industries diverse as oil and gas, airlines, agriculture and consumer products, we believe that success in private sector intelligence is built on approaching the discipline from a business perspective – not just applying government...

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Chances of Regime Change in Russia

Russia: Regime change remains a low likelihood/high impact scenario in Russia, despite the toll sanctions are taking on the economy, the detention of thousands of Russian protesters and the $1 million bounty on President Vladimir Putin.  Why it Matters: Sanctions will have a major impact, but don’t expect a full collapse of the Russian economy. The tendency when thinking about major blows to an economy like that which we are seeing in Russia is to expect a full economic collapse; something that brings down the government and leads to whole of society upheaval on par with Indonesia...

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Advanced Corporate Intelligence Analysis and Tradecraft

Designed for experienced private sector intelligence analysts who have already taken our Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing introduction course or for those with extensive private sector experience, this course is suitable for analysts seeking to deepen their analysis skills and to exercise greater editorial control. Our five-week virtual training program explores writing and briefing for the C-suite, structured analytic techniques to help analysts develop beyond first order impacts to identifying over-the-horizon threats.  The material examines corporate risk beyond life...

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