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Leadership: First Promotion Transition Certificate Course

Designed with new and emerging leaders in mind, this ten-week online course explores how to transition from team member to team leader. Your value as a leader is not in what you do but in how your behaviors drive others on your team to accomplish more than you can on your own. Explore practical steps to shift from an individual mindset to a collective one and discover how to find professional fulfillment by unlocking the potential of your team. Scott Olson brings decades of leadership to his facilitation of your leadership transformation. Whether you’ve just been promoted or you’ve...

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Thinking Like an Analyst, Thinking Like a Leader

Moving from writer to editor, analyst to manager is a great moment in your career but can lead to new questions, like what is your new job, why do people follow and what changes when you need help. Scott Olson, founder of GlenHaven International, will discuss how to apply your analytic skills to succeed in your new role and the importance of the mental shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ in order to find professional satisfaction in leading a team to success. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.

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Lessons Learned? Reviewing Prior Analysis to Prepare for the Future

Join ERI’s leadership team as they discuss the value of examining past analysis to identify gaps for future production and evaluate the changing nature of threats impacting business. They’ll also consider how tactical analysis can inform your strategic outlook. Perfect for teams conducting annual reviews, considering strategic estimates for the new year, or seeking to improve analytic capabilities by learning from past experiences. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.

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Regional Overview: European Security Challenges this Winter

Join ERI’s Europe analysts Pearl D’Souza and Klaudio Llusku as they discuss the security challenges they are watching as Europe heads into the winter amid the continuing conflict in Ukraine and resulting energy shortfalls and food inflation. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.

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Data and Visualization for Intelligence Analysts

This is a three-part training designed for intelligence analysts to help them learn more about using data and visualizations effectively. This training will equip analysts with the tools and knowledge to expand their use of data and visualizations to be more effective and deeper – helping them bridge the gap between their analysis and their busy readers who don’t always have time to take in a longer form paper. The course will include familiarization exercises on building different types of visuals, evaluating datasets, understanding the importance of using data in our analysis, bias and misinterpretation...

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Using Visuals to Tell the Story

Join ERI’s Client Relations team Huw Longmore and Iman Elbanna as they discuss best practices for using data-driven visuals to engage your readers and improve your analysis. They’ll chat with ERI’s lead Europe and South and Central Asia analyst Pearl D’Souza about ways to use maps, charts, graphs and graphics to add context and make your analysis more digestible. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.

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Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing – Virtual

The pandemic changed almost everything. But one thing it didn’t change, is the need for private sector intelligence analysis. In fact, it deepened it. Still, there are very few courses that specifically address intelligence analysis, tradecraft, and writing for the business environment.  As intelligence professionals who have worked in government intelligence and industries diverse as oil and gas, airlines, agriculture and consumer products, we believe that success in private sector intelligence is built on approaching the discipline from a business perspective – not just applying government...

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Advanced Corporate Intelligence Analysis and Tradecraft

Designed for experienced private sector intelligence analysts who have already taken our Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft and Writing introduction course or for those with extensive private sector experience, this course is suitable for analysts seeking to deepen their analysis skills and to exercise greater editorial control. Our five-week virtual training program explores writing and briefing for the C-suite, structured analytic techniques to help analysts develop beyond first order impacts to identifying over-the-horizon threats.  The material examines corporate risk beyond life...

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