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Regional Overview: European Security Challenges this Winter

Join ERI’s Europe analysts Pearl D’Souza and Klaudio Llusku as they discuss the security challenges they are watching as Europe heads into the winter amid the continuing conflict in Ukraine and resulting energy shortfalls and food inflation. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.

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Data and Visualization for Intelligence Analysts

This is a three-part training designed for intelligence analysts to help them learn more about using data and visualizations effectively. This training will equip analysts with the tools and knowledge to expand their use of data and visualizations to be more effective and deeper – helping them bridge the gap between their analysis and their busy readers who don’t always have time to take in a longer form paper. The course will include familiarization exercises on building different types of visuals, evaluating datasets, understanding the importance of using data in our analysis, bias and misinterpretation...

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Using Visuals to Tell the Story

Join ERI’s Client Relations team Huw Longmore and Iman Elbanna as they discuss best practices for using data-driven visuals to engage your readers and improve your analysis. They’ll chat with ERI’s lead Europe and South and Central Asia analyst Pearl D’Souza about ways to use maps, charts, graphs and graphics to add context and make your analysis more digestible. This webinar is free for ERI Situation Room, Analysis and Training subscribers and $50 for non-subscribers.

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CLEVELAND, September 15, 2022 (Newswire.com) – Evergreen Podcasts, an emerging growth podcast production and distribution company, and Emergent Risk International, a Dallas-based risk advisory firm, are proud to announce a new podcast, Disinformation, a deep dive into one of the most important issues of our time. It will be hosted by veteran Washington journalist Paul Brandus. The show launches Thursday, September 15th. “Disinformation plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives today, undermining trust in institutions and accelerating conflict,”...

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Coordinated Cartel Violence in Mexico

August 2022: Coordinated multi-state violence portends an uncertain security environment, with cartels acting out to dispel perceptions of fragmentation and weakness.   Why it Matters  Intense violence that targeted civilians and businesses across three states in northern Mexico from August 9-13 has temporarily abated, but the scale and scope of the coordinated violence across three states by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) highlight a willingness to go to new extremes to portray the extent of their power and control.  The multi-day surge in violence – which included CJNG setting fire...

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Food and Energy Prices: The Gathering Storm

Global: Food prices hit their highest ever point in March, driven by the war in Ukraine, sky high fuel costs, labor shortages and climatic trends contributing to drought and poor harvests.  Why it Matters It’s protest season in the northern hemisphere and with most countries lifting COVID-19 social distancing measures, unrest will tick up, potentially toppling governments and affecting election outcomes.  Pakistan ousted former Prime Minister Imran Khan after months of protest and a no confidence vote in parliament, linked to his handling of the pandemic and Pakistan’s...

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What Happens if Europe Actually Sanctions Russian Gas?

Germany/EU/ Russia: German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that Europe needed to consider banning gas imports from Russia following graphic evidence of atrocities committed by Russian forces in Ukraine. Why it Matters: Sanctioning Russian gas supplies would disrupt European manufacturing capacity as well as driving even higher inflation that could last months – if not years. The economic impact would further set back European economic recovery from COVID-19, with ripple effects to other economies in the US, Middle East and Africa. Last week, as talks broke down...

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Chances of Regime Change in Russia

Russia: Regime change remains a low likelihood/high impact scenario in Russia, despite the toll sanctions are taking on the economy, the detention of thousands of Russian protesters and the $1 million bounty on President Vladimir Putin.  Why it Matters: Sanctions will have a major impact, but don’t expect a full collapse of the Russian economy. The tendency when thinking about major blows to an economy like that which we are seeing in Russia is to expect a full economic collapse; something that brings down the government and leads to whole of society upheaval on par with Indonesia...

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Download our Strategic Intelligence Estimate

You can now download the entire 76 page Strategic Intelligence Estimate for 2022 at this link. The report covers big picture strategic issues of importance to our clients across the globe including geopolitics, the environment, food security, data, IT security regulations, organized crime, extremism and more… Have a look inside and see what’s been on our minds… Excerpt: “The focus of the annual SIE is nearly always about how external global events will impact the company, government or organization it is written for in the coming years. While this is an important...

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The Future of Data

Data will drive our reality in the coming decades, but it will remain highly susceptible to manipulation, government control and misuse – even as it becomes more ubiquitous.     Rapid evolution of the online environment to “the metaverse” will take the use of data to shape our reality to new levels, bringing with it new legal, regulatory and privacy concerns.  Lack of data literacy will lead to more real-world harm as bad actors use incomplete, poorly collected or falsified data...

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