Emergent Risk International LLC (ERI) is a risk intelligence and advisory firm specializing in strategy consulting, bespoke analysis, and training to address geopolitical opportunity and risk for multi-national companies and multi-lateral organizations.

Emergent Risk (/əˈmərjənt risk/): ERI defines “emergent risk” as over the horizon business, political, and security risk that may not yet be fully identified, quantified, or recognized but may have significant impact on business operations, personnel, or assets.

Technology and rapid global change allow us to witness global events as we never have before. This makes it easy to believe our risks are bigger and more dangerous than ever.

We see it differently.

While communication technology brings global events to our attention faster and more often – with obvious exceptions – much of the world has never been safer. But it’s also never changed faster, and that creates risk for business and organizations that operate in the global marketplace. In turn, businesses’ responsibility to recognize and mitigate that risk while remaining competitive has increased exponentially. Most of those risks will not come from headline grabbing events. Instead they will emanate from less obvious (but often more consequential) external risks like poor political leadership, environmental change, cyber-threats, or regulatory uncertainty.

In our view, the key to mitigating risk and growing in overseas markets lies in having a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities that these markets provide – in the context of your business and your business model. We equip your organization to do this through tailored intelligence, strategic advice and training that allows your team to build well-informed, culturally relevant strategies.

Risk intelligence in business is different from government intelligence. While government intelligence training provides a tremendous foundation for work in the private sector; risk intelligence in a business setting requires a different set of skills, different inputs, and a different mindset – from aligning mission, to analytic tools, to the focus of analysis.

Our services are built to help you identify opportunity and enable business.

Through our unique approach to strategic risk intelligence we go beyond our competitors by approaching intelligence and risk from a systems based perspective. We examine the company’s full spectrum value chain to ensure identification of risks and opportunities in the most critical parts of your business. We provide training, analysis, advice, and strategies that drive intelligence-led decision-making across the business and create strategic advantage in challenging environments.

Our clients cross the multi-national spectrum: Fortune 10 companies, investment firms, rapidly growing tech start-ups, non-government organizations and everything in between. We work with clients in extractives, insurance, engineering and agriculture, among others.

Here is what our clients have to say about our Consulting, Training, and Analysis solutions:

“We needed to bring different groups-within-the-organization together in order to establish a common baseline within our large intelligence and operational security organization.  We reached out to Emergent Risk and outlined the issues and our goals.  What ERI came back with has not only increased the acumen of our protective operations agents, but also resulted in a more strategically integrated staff, across the larger Global Security apparatus.  ERI’s personnel took time to listen and partner for results in lieu of a cookie cutter solution. Their outcome-based approach is extremely refreshing.”

Senior Director for Intelligence – Fortune 50 Tech Company

“Emergent Risk is a trusted business partner.  They’ve been instrumental in building our intelligence and risk driven program through consulting, training and thought provoking intelligence analysis.”

Chief Security Officer – Global Engineering Firm

“Great class!  I gained a lot of insight on how analysts do their job and how we can support and be a force multiplier.”

Global Security Operations Professional – Fortune 50 Tech company

“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this course! This course was a tremendous opportunity to: ensure my work meets the needs of the business; meet likeminded analysts; and broaden my understanding of the private-sector security analytical community. This course plays a much-needed role in expanding private sector security capacity. Thank you!”

Global Security Analyst – Oil and Gas Sector

“I was particularly impressed with how up-to-date and tailored to the company everything was. The training felt professional and was the right mix between serious and laid-back. The amount of interactivity also felt well-balanced. Nicely done!”

Security intelligence analyst – Fortune 50 Tech Company

“Just wanted to thank you for hosting such a wonderful class. I learned a lot and am able to out lessons learned in place at work!”

Intelligence Analysis – Marketing and Payments Solutions Company