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Boston Live Crisis Management Tabletop: Navigating Regional Conflict

Monthly Training Webinar

Wed, Feb 28 @ 8:00 am

/ Cost: $350 for non-subscribers, free for subscribers

The rapid escalation of regional conflicts can pose significant challenges for organizations operating in affected areas, particularly regarding the safety of national and expatriate employees, maintaining client relationships, and upholding supply chain, business continuity, and recovery. This interactive live in-person session presents a comprehensive geopolitical tabletop exercise that simulates a regional conflict between two countries, with one exhibiting a dominant position. 

Participants will engage in a series of scenarios that require strategic decision-making and crisis management skills to address employee life safety concerns, including the evacuation of national and expatriate employees. The exercise also highlights the importance of maintaining client relationships, emphasizing communication strategies and supply chain and contingency planning in times of conflict. 

Throughout the session, attendees will work together to explore practical measures to ensure business continuity and recovery, including the use of strategic and tactical intelligence, supply chain management, remote work arrangements, and cyber security. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained valuable insights and best practices to effectively navigate the complex challenges posed by regional conflicts, helping their organizations maintain resilience and protect their most valuable assets – their people.

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Wed, Feb 28
8:00 am
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